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What To Consider Before Buying The Next Jewellery Box

Unless you are a collector like me, buying the next modern jewelry box is considered a lifetime purchase. Few people need to regularly buy new jewellers unless they want to. However, if you do not consider some important items before making a new purchase, you may not be able to obtain the correct jewellery box and you may have to buy another jewellery box before the end of the current one. Here are some things to consider before buying. 

Size problem:

If you have jewellery, you need a jewellery box. This means that if you get rid of the jewellery and do not buy them, you will need a jewellery box for life. Therefore, consider the following points before making your next purchase. If you plan to continue using your next jewellery box for the rest of your life, it should be large enough to accommodate your existing and future collections. Calculate approximately the amount of earrings, rings and necklaces that you will buy and receive as a gift each year while helping you determine the size and size of your jewellery collection to see how many years you can estimate on Earth. The new box must accommodate all these gems. If you do not take this movement seriously, in the future you will have to replace the existing jewellery box with a larger one or have several boxes to accommodate your collection.

Construction and crafts:

The old proverb you have to pay also applies here. If you buy a cheap jewellery box, you will probably need to replace it in a short time. If you spend a little more money to get a quality box, it will last a lifetime if you take care of it properly. When considering the jeweller, study quality and craftsmanship. Are they linked together or combined with more robust construction methods? Is the hardware a real brass, or is it a fake brass that can quickly fade? Is the lining well arranged and tidy? Look carefully at these things and don’t be afraid to spend a little more for a quality box. Luxury jewellers do not need to be too expensive. But it is not the cheapest on the shelf. Depending on the size of the box, I have never heard that the price of a luxury handmade jewellery box exceeds $ 150- $ 300 for larger boxes.

Colour, style and design:

This may seem like a simple idea, but it is less important. If you do not buy something you like, you will ultimately not be satisfied with your purchase and you will end up with something new that matches your personality and suits your decor. Then, before buying a new modern jewellery box, it takes time to consider the style you want. Do you want something vintage that looks like a Victorian-style box? Or do you want something modern and modern? Are you looking for something colourful with a lot of complex carpentry, or are you looking for something simple, clean and minimalist?

Consider the lining:

Having a jewellery box is about protecting and organizing your jewellery, but without a suitable coating, you may not be able to protect your original jewellery. The liners to look for include suede, synthetic suede and felt. Also, if you have much silver jewellery, you can consider the anti-fading coating. When considering non-slip coatings, avoid chemically treated chemicals, as they can finally touch jewellery and skin. Silver, which causes discolouration, is better for anti-bleaching coatings that use silver spots to collect the sulphur naturally emitted by jewellery. Also, avoid silk. It is so slippery that the gem slips or dents like velvet, so the small velvet fibbers eventually wear out and accumulate in the gaps of the gem.