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Planning The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception in Byron Bay becomes a great experience if it is properly planned. As it is a once in a life time thing therefore it is very important to manage it properly. The reception needs to be planned much before it actually happens. It is a step by step procedure starting from the choice of date till the decorations. The well planned wedding is a real treat for the couple and the guests alike.

  1. Decide the date

If you want the perfect wedding it is very important to be prepared. It is not possible to get hold of the venue on the eleventh hour. Some of the dream venues are booked for months and sometimes years. Once you have decided you can check with your favourite wedding venue owner. In case the venue is not available in your planned dates you will have ample time to choose for some other option. Many wedding planners are of the view that in the peak time of the year it is better to decide for a Sunday reception rather than going for a reception on Saturday. Visit this link https://www.circleofloveweddings.com.au/wedding-ceremony-locations-in-melbourne/ for more info on wedding venues Melbourne.

  1. Estimate the budget

What matters next after the date is the money that you own. The rest of the planning depends upon how much you have to spend. This would tell that where you can spend and how much. The budget determines a number of things. The most important among them are

  • Choice of venue
  • Number of guests
  • Menu
  • Decorations

Hence, with all this in mind you can actually create the best environment for a reception.

  1. The points to ponder

The reception is the set of numerous activities. It is not just going, calling people and then eating a lavish meal. A good wedding planner has so much to ask from you before he sketches out the right plan for you. The key things that you must have in mind before actually meeting the wedding planner are as follows:

  • The location, be it outdoors or indoors
  • The kind of reception; breakfast, brunch, lunch, hi-tea or the dinner
  • The reception of guests
  • Reception opening
  • Music, dance and toasts
  • The photo sessions
  1. The sitting scheme

The guests want a homely setting as they move into the reception. The sitting arrangement depends upon the kind of venue that you have chosen. The seating that is meant for the indoors is not appropriate for the outdoors. The families want to sit together while at times the bride and groom want to share their separate table for a private sitting. Check with the all possible outlays with your planner and then decide for the right one that matches your needs.

  1. Food to serve

The last thing to decide is the food that you would serve. It depends on the time of reception and the kind of guests that you have invited. When it is mostly the friends and the family the host is aware of their choices, preferences and above all possible kinds of allergies. You can have the printed menus for a sit-down meal or the buffet. It is economical and better to serve buffet because you can add multiple dishes for making an easy choice.